The Catapult seasonal event bundle elevates brand relevance during key shopping occasions and helps Ibotta users find all their event needs in one place.

The Catapult scale event bundle activates multiple brands within the portfolio to drive increased basket size, cross-portfolio purchases, and category growth for retailers.

The Catapult consumer insights bundle is designed to deliver actionable shopper analyses to better inform marketing planning, strategy, and execution.
The Catapult line extension bundle drives awareness and trial of new product innovations by leveraging the success of a core SKU.
The Catapult retail support bundle helps brands win incremental merchandise and display across key retail accounts by delivering unique value to category buyers.
The Catapult awareness boost bundle quickly maximizes the reach of brand content and increases purchase velocity by elevating product visibility.
The Catapult emerging brand bundle helps developing brands increase awareness, drive trial, and glean actionable insights.

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