Industry Buzz

“Some new vendors have developed an approach where they are paid for performance. For example, emerging mobile platforms like Ibotta build dynamic offer segmentations and only charge brands for sales conversions—if redemption is low, there are no costs.”

- Biljana Cvetanovski is a senior expert in McKinsey’s London office

About six months ago, Tasty began attracting more inbound from brands and agencies with shopper marketing budgets like 3M Scotch-Brite, which is the first advertiser to test a new integration between BuzzFeed and mobile cash back app Ibotta.

Ibotta is certified as a Data Store partner, meeting all badge requirements to achieve Elite status. They have a robust Data Store front page to make it easier for LiveRamp customers to discover their uses cases, they participate in our Data Innovators Program, and they meet our minimum threshold of active connections.

"During our Audiences In Motion event in NYC earlier this year, we talked to Mike Dadlani who is the Vice President of Media & Data Partnerships at Ibotta. In his current role, Mike leads the team responsible for monetizing Ibotta’s unique data asset & native in-app advertising placements. Mike moderated the panel discussion on the topic of the value of deterministic offline purchase data for CPG advertisers.​"

"Factual + Ibotta joint audience segments will be created for and used by marketers to reach a group of consumers who made a product purchase and visited a physical retail location, offering incredibly accurate targeting. These precise segments will allow marketers to target audiences with specific, relevant messages that lead to better campaign performance and conversions. Marketers will also have the ability to directly and deterministically measure the value of their campaigns, attributing exposed audiences to real-world, in-store behavior.”

“As we build our media plan we consider a vendor’s capability to meet our objectives and all of our KPIs, which now often include sales measurement,” said Jennifer Reiner, Del Monte’s director of marketing activation. Ibotta’s data stream can also provide insights beyond attribution, Reiner said. By matching ad exposures to Del Monte products captured from customers’ receipts, the company could also split out which audience segments performed best or which stores or times of day generated more sales.