Reach relevant shoppers across all channels,
in an accurate and transparent way

Accurate Data at Scale

Ibotta tracks SKU-level purchases from millions of consumers each month. All purchases are deterministically linked to consumers on a 1:1 basis.


Ibotta is uniquely positioned to track a consumer’s purchase behavior across all retail channels and formats including Big Box, Grocery, Club, Drug, and Convenience.


Ibotta's SKU-level purchase data is collected directly from our owned and operated mobile app, providing advertisers complete transparency into the source of our data.

A 2017 Epsilon study found that

80% of consumers

are more likely to purchase from a brand
that offers a personalized experience.

Ibotta's 1st party purchase data drives results

Aquire New Customers

Increase Loyalty with Existing Customers

Optimize Media Investment In-Flight Using Real Time Purchase Signals

Audiences Built From Verified Real-Time Purchases

Gain Actionable Insights on Shopper Behavior

Combine Verified Purchase, Declared Purchase Intent, and Geolocation Data

Mike Dadlani

Ibotta's VP of Data & Media Partnerships

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Mike Dadlani was interviewed at Adsquare's Audience in Motion event in NYC, where he moderated a panel discussing the value of deterministic offline purchase data for CPG advertisers. You can see the original article on:

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